Chica Under Glass

World of Wearable Art 2013 Winner Avant Garde Section
Runner up to Supreme Award
Materials: 96% Fibreglass 4% Plywood

Model: Lucy Aitchison

Veniece in Glass Bind

World of Wearable Art 2014 Finalist Avant Garde Section
Materials: 100% Fibreglass

Model: Lucy Aitchison

Diva's Dreamscape

World of Wearable Art 2015 Winner Creative Excellence Section
Winner Supreme Award
Materials: Stainless Steel, Wood, Fibreglass

Model: Sophie Petley


'From Garage to Glory', the story so far......

Born in Devonport on Auckland's North Shore, Peter has lived and worked in Auckland, Tauranga, Australia and the United States. Over time he has gathered a variety of skills and experience, both construction and boatbuilding playing a key role in what was about to unfold.

Finally settling in the small South Island town of Motueka, he was confronted by a World of Wearable Art display at Nelson's airport. This inspired him to enter his first WOW creation, 'Chica under Glass' in 2013, winning the 'Avant Garde' Section and Runner-up to the Supreme Award. In the 2014 show he was a finalist with 'Veniece in Glass Bind' and in 2015 came his third design, an Architectural piece, 'Diva's Dreamscape', winning the Creative Excellence Section and the prestigious Supreme Award.

The ability to work with composite materials including metal, wood and fibreglass, enables Peter to design and create art that is both stunning and unique. The opportunity and success that followed the 'WOW' experience has given him the motivation to embark on the 'beginning of a new adventure'! His creations will consist of a selection of one off handcrafted pieces, encompassing Functional Art, Fashion Accessories and stand alone art works. These will be available for purchase directly from this Website.

Peter is married with three Daughters. Both he and his Wife love the lifestyle and vibe the Region they have settled in provides, and are proud to call Motueka home.

Wakeman Creation #01 - 'The Captain's Chair' has landed, please see below........


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The Captains Chair

Exclusive Functional Art combining both exquisite style and comfort: Introducing 'The Captain's Chair'....and yes, they are sold as a pair!
Handcrafted Marine Ply and Fibreglass, constructed over existing 1960's vintage solid steel frames, with custom blue/black and white paint finish.


  • Height: 85cm
  • Width:  54cm
  • Weight 19.5kg

#01 Wakeman Creation Collection
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World of Wearable Art

Chica, Diva and Veniece, Peter Wakeman, Motueka
Photocredit: World of WearableArt™Ltd

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